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by: Terrence Hill

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Terrence Hill was born on the 10th of January, 1947 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was raised from a farm service center in the culture of Regina, Saskatchewan in Western Canada. He actually attended the University of Madrid in Spain and taught University of Madrid professors higher english who wanted to go on oxford. My other published masterpieces are War and Aftera Novel 1972, New York, The End of War: Literary Works and Poetry.

Part of Literatura Italiani: The Heart of Poet in Italian (Il Cuore Di Un Poeta – Terrence Hill) Available at 10 Rome Bookstores

Terrence Hill is introduced by the creative community of Palm Springs, California as a humanitarian playwright, poet, and novelist. – His writing has been called enlightening by a graduate of the Gregorian Institute in Rome. He is 72 years old and lives as a man of letters in southern California. In his education in the Marine Corps, he was taught that we are fighting for one thing—freedom.

Terrence Hill
the heart of a poet cover

about the book

The literary book contains four novellas and two stage plays. And poetry such as poem, “I want to be like Jesus”, the novella, the Nobel Prize is like doystoeski’s literary work. The essay on optimism states that “We were made to know right from wrong and that good will prevail over evil.” And in the essay on war”will Vietnam be the last note on the trumpet of the egoistic consciousness interplaying within the anachronistic self-interest psychology of a headstrong military industrial complex or will it be the beginning concerto in a syphany of unending madness?

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We don’t want to enjoy life

We want to touch the sandels and dirt under the

beggars feet we want to live forever.

We want to continue to listen to God.

We want to always feel the voice of the angels…”

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